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Royal King Beard Oil

Royal King Beard Oil


This natural concoction of healthy essential oils and natural butters such as coconut oil,castor oil,rosemary oil and tea tree oil.


Benefits: Coconut oil has hydratingand protective  properties that soothe the skin and scalp if irritated


Castor oil: when combined with any carrier oil it increases circulationthe the hair follicles which promotes a faster hair growth as well as a great moisturizer.


Rosemary Oil:serves as another promoter of hair growth with its stimulating properties of fast hair growth and deep moisturizing underneath the skin.


Tea Tree: stimulates hair growth when applied to the scalp and allows blood flow to the specific area as.It also kills bacteria 

known to clog pores as well as eliminates dandruff.



Apply Instructions: apply a generous amout to the beard thoroughly to promote and stimulate healthy beard and facial growth.

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